Welcome to my holistic fertility site!

I have been in professional practice with homeopathy for more than 20 years. Throughout  these years I have met many couples with a desire to conceive a child, naturally, but who have had difficulties on their way to fulfilling this wish. My experience in women’s health issues has helped me to expand my treatment to help infertile couples. With various holistic treatments, I accompany couples on their personal way to becoming a family.

The method includes: 

Homeopathic basic therapy:

  • Constitutional homeopathic treatment
  • Elements from the Liz Lalor Fertility Program ♀

Additional treatments:

In most cases I begin the treatment with basic homeopathic therapies. For female clients I also recommend regular fertility massage in combination with acupuncture. For male clients I also recommend detox massages in the belly area (Chi Nei Tsang) and acupuncture. From this foundation additional treatments are brought in, as needed.  

I do have further information about my treatments not yet translated into English. If you have any questions, you are invited to make an appointment to learn more about our approach. We take a half hour (or longer) to answer questions and explain the treatments in detail. And please feel free to just call me any time or get in touch over email with me.

About me:

Julia Nitzsche

Since 1995 I have run my own clinic as healing practitioner (what is called Heilpraktikerin in Germany) in Berlin. I am working with homeopathy, body work (Cranio Sacral Osteopathy, Fertility Massage, Chi Nei Tsang), Acupuncture and Systemic Constellation Work. I treat babies as well as children and adults in my clinic.
Since 2004 I am a certified Instructor in the Universal Healing TAO system of Grandmaster Mantak Chia. I am giving classes in different branches of the Healing TAO. For fertility clients I recommend the classes in “Healing Love.”
I live my life together with my American partner in Berlin.



The treatment is not covered by “Gesetzliche Krankenkasse.” Most private health or complementary insurances do have some coverage. If you want to get more information for complementary insurance, I can recommend the insurance broker Carsten Kiekebusch.